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The following information is provided to help educate you about heating and cooling systems, and to possibly help you make a more informed decision about what the best systems are for your home.

The following links provide valuable information provided by the Federal Trade Commission regarding heating and cooling systems:


Types of Furnaces:

CONVENTIONAL, or natural aspirating, furnace has a 60 to 70% efficiency. The unit has a large air requirement in order for exhaust gases to vent up through a chimney. In most jurisdictions, a conversion from oil to gas requires a metal liner in the chimney to ensure proper draft to reduce condensation.


MID-EFFICIENCY, is similar to a conventional furnace but achieve a 75 to 85% efficiency. It does so by incorporating an induced draft fan. Some units also have a motorized damper, that closes when the unit is off so that heated air is not lost up the chimney. In some areas, units with plastic flues (about five inches in diameter) from the furnace to the chimney are not be permitted and must be replaced. Check your local utilities office for regulations concerning plastic vent pipes for mid-efficiency furnaces in your area.


HIGH-EFFICIENCY, or condensing furnace, achieves a 90 to 97% efficiency. Increased efficiency is due to a secondary heat exchanger that extracts heat from the exhaust gases that will normally flow up the chimney. Instead of a flue, the unit incorporates an induced draft fan or power vent fan and plastic piping to vent the cooled gases through a side wall.Condensate drainage piping carries the condensate from the cooled gases to a waste pipe. In some units, a pump discharges the condensate to the exterior. Units with a sealed combustion system also have an intake air duct so that outside air is used for combustion. A pulse-combustion produces about 60 to 70 tiny explosions of air-gas mixture per second in the combustion chamber instead of a continuous flow of fuel as with most common high-efficiency units. Since this system is noisy, a vibration isolator (canvas fabric) is installed between the furnace and plenum.


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