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Free Home Search

Apply For A Mortgage
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Search For A Home

Our unique 'Home Search' is tied into multiple MLS systems throughout south/east Michigan - giving you full access to the entire market picture. As you'll see, you will also have the ability to save searches, save individual listings, email listings, and much more! CLICK HERE to start hunting for your next home, vacation property, rental property, or whatever else you're in the market for.

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Mortgage Center

To find answers to some of your basic mortgage related questions, as well as find several very detailed pamplets (courtesy of Fannie Mae) that provide comprehensive information about various mortgage products - CLICK HERE and visit our mortgage center. You will also find information on current mortgage rates, links to connect you with a mortgage professional, high quality mortgage calculators, and more.

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What Is A Buyer's Agent?

Not many people know this, but the concept of 'Buyer's Agency' has only existed in Michigan since the early 90's. Because of this, many people don't understand what it means to have a 'Buyer's Agent'. However, the concept is quite simple. The Seller already has an agent that has promised to look out for their best interests. A 'Buyer's Agent' is a real estate professional that you can hire as a Buyer to look out for your interests and make sure you get the best deal possible on your next home.

The best part about working with a 'Buyer's Agent' in Michigan - is that many times - you get their services for FREE! This is because the Seller has already agreed to pay X amount of dollars to either their own agent for finding a buyer, or to another agent for bringing a buyer. With this in mind - isn't it worth getting your own agent to look out for your best interests? Please contact us at any time to get connected with an agent that services the communities you want to live in.

Here is a brief list of services offered by a 'Buyer's Agent'::

  • Set up showings for ANY house you want to see and escort you through them. (This even includes homes sold 'For Sale By Owner'.)
  • Provide you with information on any home for sale.
  • Write & negotiate contracts for the home you want to buy.
  • Help arrange financing, inspections, appraisals, surveys, etc.
  • Be there to answer your questions and to make the process a smooth one.

So, if you're in the market to buy a home - Call Now or Click Here to send us an email.

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Is This Really FREE?

This is one of the most popular questions we get asked by our clients. Typically, when a Seller lists a home in Michigan and agrees to pay a real estate commission - part of this money is reserved for their Listing Agent, and part is set aside for a Selling Agent (the agent that handles the 'Purchase' end of the transaction). As a company that believes in 'Buyer's Agency' and trying to make sure you get the best deal on your next home - we strongly recommend that you do not speak with the Listing Agent for any property, but CONTACT US FIRST to get the answers to all of your questions for you.

With our vast "Referral Network" we can get you all of the answers you need - regardless of where you are looking for a home.

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The "House Hunter"

This is a free service that we offer to our customers that will provide you with 'DAILY' updates of any new homes that enter the market - as well as recent price changes to homes already on the market. In any climate (a buyer's or seller's market) the best properties always sell - and this tool is your opportunity to know about a new listing as fast as anyone can. CLICK HERE to sign-up for this free service. If you would prefer to manage your own searches - use our Home Search to create a new search, and you can then save it to get automatic upates as well! This is just one more way we are giving our customers more control over their next purchase.

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The "HUD Detector™"

If you're an investor, handyperson, or just someone that is looking for the best deal you can get - this service is for you! Like our "House Hunter" program - this is a free service for our clients where we will send you 'Daily' updates via email of any new HUD or foreclosure properties that have entered the market as well as any price changes to existing listings. To sign up for this free service - CLICK HERE.

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Our "Referral Network"

Knowing that you deserve the best service possible means putting you in touch with agents that service the communities that you are interested in. Regardless of where you find a home - contact us to connect you with an agent in our "Referral Network"*. This is just one more service we'll provide to try and make the "house hunting" process as easy as possible.

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Customer Resources

CLICK HERE for free resources broken down into whether you may be considering buying a new home, selling your home, applying for or refinancing a mortgage, and more.

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Still Have Questions?

Buying a home can be a very big step and seem overwhelming. If you have any additional questions on any items not covered above - you can CLICK HERE with any specific questions and we will be happy to get you answers as soon as possible.

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(*Agents in our "Referral Network" are licensed REALTORS®. Any additional qualifications, specific knowledge, or other criteria determined by the customer/client are up to the customer/client to ascertain and screen for. No guarantees or confirmations of individual ability or satisfaction are made with this placement. However, should you prefer to be "placed" with another member of our "Referral Network" - just contact us via email or phone and we will make every effort to accommodate that request.)

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