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Refinance My Mortgage
Free Credit Report

Your Home Is An Investment

Whether you own one home or a dozen, the housing market is a strong investment market that is susceptible to "highs" and "lows" just as any market. With constant changes in tax laws - it's important to know of all of the advantages you can take advantage of by owning a home. Some of these advantages can be utilized while owning your home, and some advantages are waiting for you until you sell your home. Please feel free to contact us or your tax advisor to learn more.

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Market Watch

Monitoring the market activity of home sales in your area is the most direct way to get a general idea of what the "market value" of your home might be. A service we make available to our customers is the ability to use our home search tool to create a search for homes in your area that are like yours. Our search will give you 'daily' updates of what the homes in your neighborhood are 'listed' for. Also, you can contact us at any time to find out what a home in your neighborhood sold for.

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Regular Maintenance

Many Sellers find that the hardest part of their transaction involves all of the repairs they have to make for a new buyer. The easiest way to help eliminate these issues are to keep on top of the regular maintenance of your home. The following lists provide some helpful hints to help, (these are just guides and may not cover all of the issues for your particular home):

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Should I Refinance?

You may be in a position to get a better interest rate than you already have, take money out to complete a home repair, or use some of your home's equity for another purpose. It's always important to keep in mind that there is some cost involved in refinancing your mortgage - so always make sure to get all of the facts and a copy of a "Good Faith Estimate" to make sure the terms of the proposed mortgage fit with your goals. If you are interested in speaking with someone about refinancing without any commitments or pressure CLICK HERE.

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Mortgage Calculators

Click Here to use our free calculators. These are meant to help give you a better understanding of what your payments will be as well as several other options.

The following Calculators are available to you:

  1. Calculate Your Payment
  2. Extra Payments (shows how much money you can save)
  3. Renting vs Buying
  4. Should I Refinance?
  5. Points vs No Points

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Overpay Your Mortgage

The best and easiest way to get ahead of the game and build serious equity in your home is to overpay on your mortgage. Your actual payment will usually include principal, interest, and sometimes even your taxes and insurance. The amount of your payment that gets applied to your principal is generally smaller at the beginning of your loan, and contributing more money to your payment than what is required helps to pay down your principal balance faster. Feel free to see just how much money you can save over the life of your loan by using our Mortgage Calculators.

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Credit Scores

When applying for financing or refinancing- most lenders use your credit score as a qualifying tool to help determine not only how much money a borrower can finance, but at what interest rate. It's crucial for consumers to stay on top of their credit scores - especially as the incidence of 'identity theft' continues to grow. For a free copy of your 'Credit Report' and consultation on what these numbers mean - CLICK HERE.

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Customer Resources

CLICK HERE for free resources broken down into whether you may be considering buying a new home, selling your home, applying for or refinancing a mortgage, and more.

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Still Have Questions?

Home ownership is a great responsibility that has many rewards. If you have any additional questions on any items not covered above - you can CLICK HERE with any specific questions and we will be happy to get you answers as soon as possible.

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